out of the shadows - aletheian

Te rog, așteaptă...

dark skies and i’m drowning in the flood again. endless affliction sent to torture my soul.
why does this misery follow me? why can’t i escape this pain?
drill another hole through my skull. release another demon.
take any length to p-ss the blame. responsibility – washed my hands clean.
demons in the night? self-righteous perception. defensively, i hide blind in the shadows.
misery cuts deep and yet my innocent hands hold the blood soaked knife.
every action leads to reaction, every choice to a consequence.
foolish decisions yield a price to pay. p-ss the blame and yet the debt remains.
wipe the scales from my eyes that i might gain clarity of sight.
with a new perspective i take ownership of my actions, the impending flood now seems a healthy rain.
pain is inevitable but misery is optional.
suffering and pain will fade away as hope lives on and love remains.

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