work in progress - alan jackson

Te rog, așteaptă...

work in progress

okay i forgot about the trash
i didn’t trim the long hairs on my mustache
i did buy you a ring i believe it was back in ’93
alright i admit it i forgot our anniversary
but i did pick up the baby this mornin’ at the nursery
that ain’t no big thing but it’s a gold star for me

you get tired and disgusted with me
when i can’t be just what you want me to be
i still love you and i try real hard
i swear one day you’ll have a brand new car
i even asked the lord to try to help me
he looked down from heaven and said to tell you please
just be patient i’m a work in progress

i’m sorry i got mad waitin’ in the truck
it seemed like hours you gettin’ all dressed up
just to go to shoney’s on a wednesday night
i read taht book you gave me about mars and venus
i think it’s sinkin’ in but i probably need to reread it
but i’m startin’ to see now what you’ve been sayin’ is right


i know you meant well when you gave me those clogs
but my heels sure get hot down by the m-ffler on my hog
i’m sure they’re stylish but i’ll take my boots
i try to do that healthy thing like you want me to do
but that low fat, no fat’s gettin’ hard to chew
now i love your cooking honey
but sometimes i need some real food


oh honey just be patient now
i’m a work in progress

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