thirst - al sirat

Te rog, așteaptă...

empty mind breaks the silence of my life
heart – it’s need for art.
is longing for things i’ve blowed
things i haven’t done!
forgotten moments, the pieces of time,
when our happiness made us flew,
now are composing in my disrupted mind
as the prosecution: “then, then you should die!”

why are we to blind to see our guilts?
why first we kill, then see it lived?
lost hopes, broken sense, tears, yearning,
fear of the existence…

i feel i need escape!
body falls thrown away with hate…
i feel i need absorb again
feelings i came in time to waste…

[solo: cola]
when the time comes unexpected to uncover your eyes
and you see clear all of the scars and wounds you made,
your soul burns…
wall to break for so long left stay
i must fight, have to find the way
to destroy the devil’s stamp in my head,
to die and be borne again!

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

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