save the day - aesop rock

Te rog, așteaptă...

za za zaaa….(chill wit that ill behavior)

pull the pin out
sheep creep’in wolf gaurd
fronted by the hail mary parry lunge mix
kill the populace for civility
jepeordy a stickler
his bob and weave amalgam played fountain to your fixture
i’m brain child arms flailing backwards
wailing for the tiny sound circut
slitely bile gershhh-win(??)
with a bitter nails and drum l-st
plus disgusted service
worked in the shifts opposite to your abestos brain furnace
i be the now observ-atory i hear intend-a feeler
spit’in like a dragon with a similar demeanor
split innocent bi-stand witness the die hard fans turn rip van in the poppy feilds and ny’s talkin traded brick gauntlets
now i’m think’in who am i
jabba walky supa fly
bent left push’in more with out ten step coushin and what
i plan to hope just be positive sacred in these golden viens till i die from grimace over-load
its shock(its shock)
treatment offered by the week-end
this opiate get away lets just play the sequence
it goes 1 for the heartless
3 for returning my gardian angel harp-less
and the rest is sweep the mess under the carpet
i drag a yellow taxi meter behind every measurement charge cats labeling me shepard
that’ll be 6.50 plus tip doll
an i take cash credit check money-order gold and ciggerette cartons
got caught up in the universe try’in to zoom in on stardom
forgot the p-ssion p-ssion plus the hatred ,both were base carbon
next time you wanna be a hero, try save’in something other then hip-hop
and maybe hip-hop will save you from the pitstop
kill’em all yeild
aah man it wasn’t me it was hold’in copians brother
i just let him pull the trigger (ohh m)
well leave me to tip toe past the pearly gates
capture the halo jet back to base
step fast to chase the bad taste of jet lag and waste slackers
there ain’t noth’in broken
where you at
piston pump perfect
where you at
base tone is merlin
the services is a urgent work’in sergeon purge’in formulas look’in for an improper cause is whack

(chorus 2x)

what are you saving
honestly (honestly) honestly
what are you saving
honestly (honestly) honestly
what are you saving
promise we won’t shut the f-ck up till recognize what you holden ain’t really broken

i don’t flick needles like my sick friend
i don’t march like beatle baily to a quick trend
i don’t freek(?) with churches steeples on the weekend
and i don’t comment if you from your little weak zen

(double time)
all i ever really wanted was a get away
i’ma take a chance by letting a brook slide
over to my hands
(?)i can not agree to greet fallow
aleast a borderline war with out reason for the pregame score(?)
bring out your dead we’ll put’em in a pile
and burn’em with the novels so the kids will admire
kill the ones that speak with a different light
but what brother kill the noise get subject…(?)

welcome to the kamakzi bottle rocket c-ckpit
live by the icy cold hand of bad intention youth blender
ok i’ll let god warm the bench for now but ascend to spin y’all dizzy
and for the record i’m bring’in my tv with me
it goes let the commoners speak publicly
then disperse hygene
these cat thats swear by third pupil
but can’t see past the loophole
motherf-cker my word is born like siamese triplets
with doctor lawyer rocket scientist promts
let him grow liesurely
hey mom i’ma fix whatever i’ve broken along this path
once my shpeel’s perfected i’m gonna save you a seat in the front row
of aesop rocks 12 steps shut the f-ck up seminar
and when all is bicker and crowds turn swallow
you gone be proud
i tack hacks to the lack board
honestys a latch cord
juries fall flop oboslete
serenity’s a crack wh-r-
war character sure a mayhem standard branded by the labor
with a thousand reasons to end this corrupted wannabe saviors
saw the brightest burst ironically wandering the vacant stage
gave him the pound for burn’in were b-ms ratios and gays
keep me posted as to when you drop something mature sit and sulk about mister
and i’ll consider pick’in up your record

(chorus 2x)
what are you saving
honestly (honestly) honestly
what are you saving
honestly (honestly) honestly
what are you saving
promise we won’t shut the f-ck up till recognize what you holden ain’t really broken…

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