coming in from the cold - adhesive

Te rog, așteaptă...

alone you stand, too proud to realize
that you’re not the only one
you’ve got a family, and they’re suffering too
but they’re still there for you

do you remember the tears your mother cried
when she realized
see she’s blaming herself now
and she’s left with a broken heart

echoes of laughter coming from the past
the warm embrace of a mother
a father and a brother that still are here for you

(when you’re coming in from the cold)
when you’re not running away
not running away
you’ve got a life to live
a whole life to live
so don’t surrender, don’t you ever give in

oh it’s stupid how you got it all wrong
you used to be so alive
gone is the innocence of the child
yeah, you’ve got a brand new life

in dirty apartments with your so-called friends
always looking for that ultimate high
it looks like everyone’s got
a broken heart these days

echoes of laughter…

(when you’re coming…)

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