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the excited southerner orders a meal - adam sandler

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the excited southerner orders a meal

[adam:] and the now the excited southerner orders a meal at his favorite

[waiter:] hi, what can i get you today?

[excited southerner:] hi, how are you…i was…if you could, tell me, if you…eh,
the chef salad, if it, does it come, if you come… a la carte, if you see the…i
saw the breakfast menu and the, and they got the, and the different entrees
with the dspe-dspe-dspe-dspecials today, and the the and…i’m watching my
weight…diabetic, with the low sodium…if you could broil…i-i-i-instead
of fried, i ya, just, hash browns…i wanted to mix the ketchup with the
may-mayonaise, make my own sauce, if that’s, could bring out a separate
plate for that with the chicken, your chicken fried steak…the blue plate
special, does that come with the soup of the day, or-

[waiter:] i’ll come back when you’re ready.

[excited southerner:] hoooo…

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