caffeine - aces over kings

Te rog, așteaptă...

the caffeine runs through my veins at an unstoppable pace
but nothing through my brain
boredom doesn’t seem to have its way, well not as much as yesterday
maybe i’ll peel myself up off the couch

don’t you tell me that i’m not worthy
i know that i can do something better
i can’t stand it, i feel so stranded
when i know that i can do something better

tomorrow seems to come so quick, i know it happens every week
but i’m not ready
money never loosens up its grip and my fountain of youth
seems to be empty


can’t get away from the things i bring upon myself
but through my convictions i’ll drown my afflictions
my integrity seems to resurface so take this worthlessness
away from me… go!


sunshine doesn’t happen all the time and i know its not a crime
but i feel so lonely
i guess i’ll have to find a better way, to make a sunny day
shine upon me


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