i am the judge - abused majesty

Te rog, așteaptă...

i am the judge
going among the mountains
i see gathering armies
they want to fight for power
brother will she’d brothers’ blood

people’s din
gathered before the battle
ready to die
for their leaders
for the ideals
and for me…
they moved to fight
in the bl–dy moon’s light
showing their bravery
showing their courage
i am the judge!

[repeat chours]

many brave people
will die today with no reason
i am the witness…
many times used my name
begging for help
but which side i should take with?

my sons will join me today
demading for new battles
victorious battles!

i am the judge

because what does it mean to me?
what does it mean to god?
what does it mean to odin?!

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