exhuming the infested (necro-eroticism part 2) - aborted

Te rog, așteaptă...

again i penetrate the graveyard soil
my necrotic needs are reborn
thrashing my way into the infested
i catch a glimpse of the dead
choosing my f-ckhole – an adrenaline brush

forcing my pole into her cave, dyhadrated & harsh
irritated by the decomposed urethra,
a mushier tw-t i seek

amidst the heap of decaying matter
a bloated cadaver stands out
gnashing and bashing into these infested
festering wounds start to reck
i thrust her into half – bathing in sp-nk

thursting and pumping my maetpole
savagely i -j-c-l-t-, the worm invested cavities impaled
congesting the crud beneath
the warmth of my seed, infiltration through the urinal tube
the parasites start to feed, -rg-sm achieved by the
gnashing of my beef

these corpses that now lie defiled i stalk this soil with l-st
the next carc-ss heavily impaled, more dead tissue on my c-ck

unsaturated by the ones below
digging digging, eaten from inside
all that rots must clear my path…

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