nervous - abk (anybody killa)

Te rog, așteaptă...


my hearts beating rapidly and i’m losing my breathe
all the excitement from the stage has got me drippin’ with sweat
i’m kinda nervous but i know soon it’ll all go away
because i have an angel watching over me keepin’ me safe
any journey that i travel i know that i’m a survive
cause i’m protected by the spirit that was put here to guide
even though i’m used to it it still gets to me
but there’s still no other place that i’d rather be
i’m just nervous [x2]
i gotta do it
shake the nerves off and pursue it
time waits for no man so you can’t renew it
when you build enough confidence to try it again
a second chance is the sh-t
if it’s there my friend get it done the first time
ease your mind
you get a lot more respect if your willing to shine
and don’t let n-body bring you down
cause you gave it a shot
cause it’s the practice that makes you perfect
believe me or not
ya just nervous [x2]
my stomachs turning
i’m kinda weak in the knees
it’s so hard to just be patient when your ready like me
to try and concur every obstacle that’s put in your face
and if your willing to take it on with style and grace
i’m kinda nervous (really nervous)
but i will get by
and you can bet your life
if i keep on tryin’
only surviving
and just build my shine one day at a time
and stop being nervous
(stop being nervous)

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