speed of the sound of loneliness - a3

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“speed of the sound of loneliness”, alabama 3 (a3)
(everybody gotta run sometime)

come home late, come home early
come home big when i’m feelin’ small
come home straight, come home f–ked-up
sometimes i don’t come home at all


what in the world has come over me?
what in heaven’s name have i done?
i’ve broken the speed of the sound of loneliness
i’m out there running just to be on the run

you’ve a heart that burns with a fever
you’ve got a worried and a jealous mind
how can a love that’ll last forever
leave me so d-mn far behind?

tell me now


it’s a mighty mean and dreadful sorrow
(heartbreakin’s what it is)
it’s crossed that evil line today
(let’s cross it together, hand-in-hand)
i can’t think about tomorrow
(well now, who can?)
i ain’t got one word to say
(now sing along)


(variation from john prine’s lyrics)

a3 add the following dialogue:

sweet godd-mn pretty motherf-cking country acid house music all night long
d wayne owns your soul and the barman owns your gold. a lady owns your key and the only godd-mn thing you own is a guilty conscience. whisky flows like the crystal streams they say flow in heaven. the choir sings as you sink deeper down deep deep deeper down into the comfort of your own narcolepsy.

– okay larry, what we gonna do now? i’m getting disequilibriated

– i believe t-bone’s on tonight

– hey get to that bar quick brother

– two jds for the men that i love

– yeah i tell you people, we got t-bone love in the house!

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