versuri rime (jerub-ba'al) - a hill to die upon

Te rog, așteaptă...

“all nature is but art, unknown to thee;
all chance, direction; which thou canst not see;
all discord, harmony, not understood;”
[- alexander pope, essay on man]

we are now called jerub-ba’al
brothers in blood and fell in oath
the silent sound of the fall
let the lesser lights shine to all

castor and pollox have no worth;
stones and sail screaming out
from the mountains where rivers berth
we are the beds cut in the earth

i have come for asherah
and i shall contend with ba’al
naught is given beneath the sun;
naught is had that is not won

he approves of what we undertake
…what we overtake
…what we ourselves negate
…the sounds we make

as is the man, so is his weakness
so leave the burning gold on your heads
as is the god, so is his greatness
we are nothing more than riverbeds
i felled the very goddess-carved totem
which joash erected high
no doubt my god has smote them
no doubt… no doubt…

he approves of what we undertake
…what we overtake
…what we negate
…of the sounds we make
…some lessons learned
…some churches burned
…silence earned
…death not spurned

- versuri a hill to die upon

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