never forget - 98 mute

Te rog, așteaptă...

it’s the dead of the night and she wakes up screaming
but her terror doesn’t end when she’s done dreaming
she re-closes her eyes and all she sees is your face
bringing her back to that time and place
when you forced her way into her front door
took all her possessions, still you wanted more
grabbed her by the arms, forced her to the bed
you left her body but you’ll never leave her head

never forget, never walk away
pain, regret, ’till her dying day

he was very young but he knew when to hide
he didn’t recognize the smell of booze
but could see it in your eyes
he swore when he was older he’d get his revenge
but he never got the change cause you left when he was ten
now he walks the streets with hatred in his eyes
a needle in his veins, a head so full of lies
all his wounds have healed, scars still mark the flesh
drugs numb the pain but h-ll never forget

how do you sleep at night?
what gave you the right?
destroying other peoples lives
only their pain will survive

never forget

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