show you my love - 702

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show you my love

i know just what you need,
ooh let me love you please,
i wanna show you my love.
and when i start it up,
ooh you won’t get enough,
i wanna show you my love.

[verse one:]
yes i’m seeing you,
and what you’re going through,
you deserve something better.
see what i see your doing,
i’ve come to the conclusion,
that we should be together.

[repeat chorus]

[verse two:]
i really can’t explain it,
it’s just a natural thing,
for you to be apart of me.
i wanna show you somethin’,
know just what you’re wantin’,
baby can’t you see that i just wanna…

[repeat chorus]

sometimes there is confusion,
when you don’t know how you really feel.
but i have come to the conclusion,
that what we have is real,ohhh.

[repeat chorus to fade]

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