the world needs unity - 5050chance

Te rog, așteaptă...

what is the world coming to today?
all this hate, war and violence.
people dying everyday,
one by one, silenced.

why do we watch and look? (do something!)
while the slaughtering continues? (do something!)
i say, ???join together!??? and

war!??“ the easiest way out!?!
war!- it’s what it’s all about
war!- everyone unite!
to help stop this darkened life!

the politicians say, ???it’s the only solution???
to the world’s fears.
but with your help and contribution
we can oust these corrupt ideas!

if we get together, we can stop (do something!)
all of this hate (do something!)
if we let the government continue,
they will worsen…this state

interlude: their ideas are useless,
to defeat evil.
if they stopped and tried to talk…(3x)
if they listened…to…us!

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