u heard me - 50 cent

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(50 cent)uh huh… yea
verse 1shorty the henny got me feeling right
ya heard me? my momma gone you could spend the night
ya heard me? i’m not playing i’m trying to f-ck tonight
ya heard me? clothes off face down -ss up c’mon
shorty you roll with the winners right
ya heard me? you see now me i got my money right
ya heard me? i’m tryin to teach you how to play, how the big boys play
when you come around my way
ya heard me? you see the bentley got the 20 inch crome
ya heard me? you could get in but don’t touch the phone
ya heard me? money come money go i know
but everytime i flow it’s mo money fa sho
ya heard me? in the street n-gg-s sayin i’m nice
ya heard me? watch flooded no more room for ice
ya heard me? n-gg-s be on tv struttin’ hard
and in the hood the same n-gg-s that be gettin’ robbed
ya heard me? you might hear i get shot but i don’t get robbed
cause me, i be on my jog(chorus)you like it when i back that -ss up on you?(50 cent)ooh, baby i like it, i like it
when i work that -ss, that -ss(50 cent)baby i like it, i like it when you put it on me i got a kool-aid smile
and baby i like it, i like it(50 cent)everytime we dance you make it worth my while
and i like it, i like it
verse 2shorty if you wanna roll with some ballers and shot callers
i tryin make sure you hear me
ya heard me? we rap now we rollin and i’m holdin’and i’m gonna make sure you hear me
ya heard me? i freak off with the video chicks
ya heard me? sweatin’ tracks out in back of the 6ya heard me? mtv they gonna play my h

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