the invitation - 50 cent

Te rog, așteaptă...

“the invitation”


[verse 1:]
i had five hundred grams in fifty-fifty-eight bags
four-hundred benz eight-thousand in cash.
then the ball dropped, gun popped! – bank$ got blast!
i make it so hot! – one shot’ll melt your -ss!
got popped up! – probably till my eyes turned red
told myself in the mirror n-gg- you ain’t dead!
i’m far from eccentric, i’m so psychotic
i don’t need you to shoot for me, n-gg- i got it!
when you see me in the hood – muhf-cker don’t talk to me!
‘less you wan’ talk about usin’ a hawk for me.
when al blew black away i had ’em on some stupid sh-t
then my rap sh-t worked! – now i’m super stupid rich!
all i do is stunt now! – i’m so maybach!
there i go frontin’ again i meant to say laid back!
go ‘head! move wreckless get banged for necklace
i serve ’em with the semi feed ’em a clip for breakfast.

you want some? – come get some!
n-gg- it’s murder one, when i toss my gun!
you might see me let it off, you might see me run!
but you won’t see sh-t time the police come! – huh?

you want some? – come get some!
n-gg- it’s murder one when you see my gun!
i jus’ squeeze and squeeze ’til the whole clip done!
you jus’ bleed and bleed till the police come! – huh? you want some?

[verse 2:]
i got a 8th of dope left [phone rings] half a pound of purple
shooters in my circle! – try me i let ’em murk you!
got more guns than a gun store, beefin’ what you want boy
you wan’ be nice to me? ! – you wan’ shoot dice with me? !
you want a ace on purpose? ! – why you so nervous?
n-gg- we from the same hood! – we come from the same sh-t!
you got gonorrhea too, we f-cked with the same b-tch!
gettin’ money is necessary so me i’m a visionary!
and i’m sayin’ that house – should be a crackhouse!
now see it how i see it; or i bring the straps out!
the tec and the mack out! – the sig and the taurus!
the coke and that heckler – then n-gg- we warin’!
i let my pistol speak for me and all of ’em foreign.
click-clack! – comprende? i’m criminal minded!
toss money in the sewer! – bet n-body find it!
till it’s rusty and f-cked up, forensics have fun! – what?

[repeat chorus:]

come get it, i’m strapped now, i’m with it!
come get it! [echoes]
huh, you want some?
come get it, i’m strapped now, i’m with it!
f-ck that n-gg-! [gun c-cks]
huh, you want some?

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