complicated - 50 cent

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you see a n-gg- soft? – my first instinct is to lean on him! (lean on him…)
a weak n-gg- eatin’ in my hood? n-gg-s’ll put a beam on ’em! (beam on him…)
these n-gg-s ain’t s’pposed to be eatin’, yo! – this sweet is sweet an’ low,
i’ll have ’em like sh-t was all good just a week ago. (“lights oooooooon! “)

[verse 1:]
let this fake n-gg-s get you in the mood for looove,
i’m back to get you in the mood for the snub and gloooves.
dope fiend, morphine, cocaine dilemma;
crack come to cookin’ up that; boy, i’m a chemist!
f-ck pill poppin’; a strap, i pop that!
watch the henchman trial, see a rat rat on a rat!
you got a nice gimmick goin’, you’ve been hot a few summers
but i got the kinda flow that’ll stop world hunger.
sk, i got nothing but energy! (energy!)
call me fifty, call me “ferrari the remedy”! (remedy!)
“hi” again in case a hater don’t remember me,
i happen to be what these rap n-gg-s here pretend to be.
hittin’ you won’t be enough, you gotta finish me
or it’s ruger time, – the sr-9!
fragments ricochet in ya -ss go blind
times up, ya f-cked! – gotta learn to duck. – wh-ssup?

don’t maake mee, – don’t maake mee,
don’t maake mee! – it seems so complicaated.
don’t maake mee, – don’t maake mee,
don’t maake mee – show you wh-ssup. – don’t make me f-ck you up!

[verse 2:]
listen! any b-tch on the milk box ain’t missin’
i mean some of these hoes runnin’ round with pippen.
i’m writin’ reality, it sounds haaarsh;
shyne tried to get at me, he say i’m waaashed!
i ain’t even fire back, the sh-t’s squuaashed.
what kind of sh-t is that? – this only happens in rap!
these n-gg-s so fake, it make my skin craaawl,
hope i ain’t the last real n-gg- up over the waaall.
ice chunks in the chain, – weight spinnin’,
cream linen. – bulges from the benjamin’s in ’em!
tom ford? – oh, looord!
if i ain’t know better, i think a n-gg- push raaaw.
it feels like it’s never gon’ stop.
a n-gg- so hot! – i may spend forever on top!
“forever ever”? – forever in the drop,
you can’t tell i got it on lock? – b-tch!


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