quest for the manticore - 3 inches of blood

Te rog, așteaptă...

[bonus track off the japanese release]

look up
what does my lantern light?
a mythical beast takes flight
and flies overhead

and strikes with the head of a lion
wings of a bird
tail of a stinging scorpion scourge

let’s go seek the creature
of legend and lore
taking our bows on a quest for the manticore

it haunts the night, stalking, preying on the skies
killing again, it’s time to hunt and slay the beast

why do your bravest soldiers
join you on your quest
a company of might and magic equal to the test
defend with all your skill, leave all your doubts behind
no one shortsword could be enough to kill the manticore

slay the fearsome beast, the manticore
or you will rest in peace, the manticore
paralyze you cold, the manticore
a power to behold, the manticore

the beast, it hunts, for meat, preying on human death

on it’s trail
will you strike
do you dare?

a demon that kills in the night devouring flesh

into the horror’s lair
devoid of all things light
stalking you from the darkness with the clearest sight
one swift violent motion
stinger in your eye
poisons coursing through, freezing up your mind

body’s growing cold, the manticore
you will die alone, the manticore
it ate your friends alive, the manticore
you’re the last to kill, the manticore

cold, the creature will eat you alive
befor e the reaper closes your eyes
tearing the skin from your back
relentless in attack
your last ef fort strength and home
magic dagger in it’s throat
blood running into your mouth
choking on it’s pain

when they find you
they won’t know you rose to stand and heed the call!

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