foolish - 16th avenue

Te rog, așteaptă...

lay by my side, ease yourself for awhile.
is it fate or fable? i am the white knight, the hero.

it’s a revolution, to be this close to you.
so why do you hold back, and leave me misconstrued?

and why ya gotta act like that?
pushing me back, making me wait again.
and why ya gotta act like that?
turning your back, breaking my knees again.

take my life, break me down from the inside.
i don’t know that you know, that i got you now,
so you can’t let go.

you’re an inst-tution, that i just checked into.
so come on help me, you’re the one thing i can’t lose.
falling down, help me out, from you to me,
i’m begging please

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