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Te rog, așteaptă...

f-ck off and die and f-ck you and your life
i am so f-cking done you should deepthroat a knife
do not test me or stress me you will pay the price
i have been on my own test my luck with the dice
you have crossed the wrong line do not look in my eyes
the devil decieving i will sacrifice
bleeding out patience my temper is ticking
cold blooded the king no playing and no tricking

i had the crown but i gave it away
dont make a sound or your limbs on a tray
no talking im stalking dont do it for fortune
i creep in the alley so do what i say

sever the dragon i k!lled it i had em
i am f-cking eve then im spitting on adam
i walk through the gates to the heavenly place
then i k!ll everybody pour blood on my face

i hate myself but i hate you the most
i got deepthroat from a heavenly ghost
f-ck all religion its nothing to boast
you are all f-cking stupid deluded at most
i am supreme you will bow to the leader
im cynical working no taking a breather
believe in the scheme or believe in your own
if i see a cross i will torch up your home
i do what i want when im sat on the throne
and i take what i will if you lower your tone
im learning new ways that will cut through your bone
im in my dungeon so leave me alone
why do i do it i will never know
im leaded astray but awaiting the show
f-ck all the faker shit no where to go
releasing the tention im ready to blow

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